Video Guitar Lessons

Internet video guitar lessons at your own time
Suppose you’re on an island in the South Pacific, somewhere in the inland of Africa, working on an oil rig, or in any remote place of the world… and you want to have high quality guitar lessons.

Video guitar lessons

Why Video Guitar Lessons?
If you live far away from the city, or in an area where there is no guitar teacher.  Or you just have no time or opportunity to come to the class location? Then the video guitar lessons are ideal for you. They can be followed at your own time and from your own home.

How do the video lessons work?
First of all we make a plan or program based on the goals you have on guitar playing.
Then I send you a lesson in video material like songs, chords, melodies, etc.
After studying this material in your own time you send me back a practice video.
In response to your practice video I send you a video with feedback.

What do you need for Video lessons?
You will need a computer, tablet, phone or videocamera to record video. An internet connection to upload the video. A video recording software is generally provided by the device you use.
To send big video files (up to 2 GB) you need to use the free  website.

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Which guitar do we use?
We will use the Spanish or Acoustic guitar
A variety of styles for beginners and classical & flamenco for more advanced students.
If you have no guitar or do not have any idea which guitar to buy, look at the Tips for buying a Spanish or Acoustic guitar below for information.

What is covered in the lessons?
The contents of the lessons are matched to your interests and your level – beginner or advanced.
1) Read TAB (tab is often used as a notation method on Internet).
2) Control of the different guitar techniques such as chords, solos with the fingers and/or with plectrum
3) Accompany yourself with chords
4) Several styles for beginners such as pop, blues, rock, Latin, flamenco and classical.
4a) Specialization in flamenco and classical for advanced students.
5) Play well-known tunes by chords or solo playing.
6) Write your own songs and music.
7) Improvisation.
8) Learn to read music scores (if desired).

My experience as guitar teacher and musician?
Since 1990 I have given lessons beside my concert practice and private teaching in the music schools in Amsterdam, Bussum, Leiden, Almere, The Hague, and have given workshops in the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco. Listen to my
 CD Leyenda  or some of  My Songs.

Price of the Video Guitar Lessons

You can take a trial lesson, book a single lesson directly or take a pack of lessons. To do this, go to the prices & conditions page on this website. Material such as TAB and sheet music is included in the price. Payment is made by bank transfer, Tikkie or via Paypal with my e-mail address. The video lessons (trial lesson, single lesson or a pack of lessons) are paid in advance before the start of the lesson.

Method of payment
You can pay by Bank Transfer; send me an  E-mail  to receive the account information. It’s also possible to pay by Tikkie or Paypal using my email address.

The video lessons are always individual.

Which age?
All ages.

Location of the lessons?
At your home (wherever in the world) and in your own time!

Do I need to be able to read music?
It is not necessary to be able to read music scores to play the guitar! Of course it’s very helpful to be able to, and it will expand your  possibilities, but it’s not strictly necessary.

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Do you want to start video guitar lessons or prefer more information?
Send me an  E-mail  or call +31640014531 or send a WhatsApp message to make an appointment.  
After the appointment and the money transfer we’ll have your video guitar lesson.

Guitar lessons at my studio in The Hague, The Netherlands
You can also follow guitar lessons at my studio in The Hague. For more information send me an  E-mail,  call nr. +31640014531 or send me a message or whatsapp.

Questions? Please send an e-mail!