Tips about Guitars

What kind of  tips?

On this page you will find advice on the choice of a guitar, what kind of guitars exist, about following guitar lessons, self study, about the choice of a guitar teacher and about music schools and private practices.

What do you want to do with the guitar?
Do you want to learn some songs or make your own songs, learn to play classical, Latin or flamenco? Then an acoustic guitar is a good idea. If you want to play in a band you need an electric or acoustic guitar with an amplification element.

Acoustic and Spanish guitars have a sound board. So they are hollow.
The shape of this sound board and the wood used determines how the guitar sounds. There are acoustic guitars with nylon strings and with steel strings. The big difference is the sound and the music for which they are used.

The nylon string guitar (or Spanish guitar) is usually used for flamenco, classical, Latin but also for pop, the steel-string acoustic guitar (or Western guitar) for pop, blues, rock and country music. A Spanish or Acoustic guitar is easier to take with you than an electric guitar, you can play it anywhere. The nylon strings of the Spanish guitar are for beginners somewhat softer the an steel string guitar.

Electric guitars mostly always have a solid body. The sound is largely determined by the type of element and where these are placed. An electric guitar has a larger ‘range’, you can play higher tones more easily.

Internet links with tips for buying a Spanish or Acoustic guitar

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How much money do you want to spend?

Ask for advice or if possible, bring a friend who knows everything about it! It is usually the case that the more expensive a guitar the better the sound and the finer to play. So it is often better to buy something of quality. If you can’t get a decent sound from the guitar, you will also feel less inclined to play. But if you start playing guitar you do not have to buy the most expensive one right away. Compare the prices of music stores or on internet. View the prices of used guitars. A second-hand guitar of € 75 can play very well and sound good, you just have to know what you buy.


Guitar Lessons: Self Study (DIY) or Competent teacher?

Guitar lessons or self study?
You can do a lot on your own with the help of all the resources available on the internet and in books. Of course, a teacher has the advantage that you progress much faster than when you are alone. You also have less chance of learning wrong things that are always difficult to correct afterwards.

Qualified teacher or not?
If you start playing guitar, it is wise to take guitar lessons with a qualified teacher. Then you have the guarantee that he or she has graduated at a conservatory and has had lessons in ‘learning how to play guitar’. Yet there are also fantastic (self-made) guitarists.

The quality of the lessons is mainly determined by the teacher!
There are as many good and less good teachers in private practices as in music schools and guitar schools.
Very important in the choice of teacher is that it ‘clicks’ with your teacher. It is therefore advisable to follow a trial lesson. A music school is generally more expensive and less flexible than a private practice.

Follow a trial lesson
Make sure you can always take a trial lesson before you start the guitar lessons. You get to know the guitar teacher, his style of teaching and whether it clicks with the guitar teacher of your choice.

Do you want to follow a trial lesson with me or have more information?
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