Prices and Conditions

Prices Guitar Lessons – from 1 September 2019 – prices per person and in Euro’s 

Prices under 21 years:
Pack of 4 flexible guitar lessons of 30 minutes: € 85 per 4 lessons
Pack of 10 flexible guitar lessons of 30 minutes: € 202 per 10 lessons

Prices from 21 years:
Pack of 4 flexible guitar lessons of 30 minutes: € 100 per 4 lessons
Pack of 10 flexible guitar lessons of 30 minutes: € 240 per 10 lessons

Video Guitar Lesson:
1 lesson in your own time and place, including material and feedback video: € 30 per lesson

Gift voucher of 3 guitar lessons of 30 minutes: € 75 per 3 lessons

Trial Lesson, Individual lessons, Duration lessons 

Follow a trial lesson or more information?
My advice to all new guitar students is to first make an appointment for a one trial lesson. A trial lesson costs € 10, – If you decide to take a series of lessons, you will receive this amount in the form of a discount on the first lessons. This way you can get to know my way of teaching and see if it is something for you. Send me an E-mail if you want to sign up or if you have questions. You can also call +31640014531 or send a sms or whatsapp.

Kind of Lessons
You can follow individual lessons with me.

Duration Lessons
Usually you will opt for a 30-minute lesson. A half an hour is enough for beginners. For advanced students or if you want to take an entrance exam for the Conservatory, lessons of one hour are recommended. The price of 1 hour is 2 times the price of a half hour lesson.


Questions? Send an email or whatsapp!


Conditions: Payment lessons, Absence, Cancellation, Validity Pack and Gift Voucher and Holidays

Payment of guitar lessons
With a pack of lessons the payment fee is paid on the 1st lesson of the pack.
The lessons can be paid by bank transfer or during the lesson in my studio.
The gift voucher is paid before starting the lessons by bank transfer.

Agreements about absence
If the student is absence at the appointment, and if you let this know at least 24 hours in advance, the lesson can be moved or catch up. In all other cases, the lesson fee is paid.
In the absence of the teacher, for whatever reason, the lesson will be catch up or the payment fee will be refund.

The lessons pack or gift voucher can be canceled after the end of the lessons. 

Validity pack of lessons or Gift voucher
The lessons from a pack of lessons or Giftvoucher are valid for one year from the moment of purchase. After that period, the right to the lessons that are left on the strip-card and Gift Voucher expires. An exception to this is if this period is extended by email  with the consent of the teacher and student. There will be no restitution of the fee.

At the school holidays (The Hague region) there will be no lessons. The summer holidays are from 1 July to 31 August.