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Free Online Guitar lessons 

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Is it really free?
Yes the lessons are really free and are only available online. They are not mine but I have arranged them in a way that is responsible for beginners.

What is this page for?
To make it possible for everyone to learn how to play guitar without a guitar teacher, I place a number of links here so that you can start self-study.
For guitarists who already have lessons, these links are also suitable for learning new songs or for expanding or refreshing new pieces of music or their technique.

Can you learn to play guitar without a guitar teacher?
‘Self made’ guitarists have always existed. Yet I’m in favor of taking guitar lessons with a teacher. If you do everything alone, the chance of learning a wrong technique is much bigger. You also progress faster with a teacher.

You do not have to have classes every week if you take classes with me. With a ‘strip-card’ you decide when and how often you want to take guitar lessons.

Questions? Send an e-mail!

Level 1

Attitude Right hand / Left hand
Left hand – Placement of the left hand fingers on the guitar fingerboard (in English)
Left hand – Placement of the left hand thumb behind the guitar fingerboard (English)
Right hand – Playing with a plectrum (English)
Right hand – alternate picking: alternating with plectrum (English)


TAB notation system & chord symbols
TAB – How to read TAB, this is the widely used notation system on the Internet (English)
If you want to know all about TAB you can read the following article: Guitar tablature lecture or this information (Dutch)
Read chord symbols: Video on how to read Guitar chord symbols (English) or written information (Dutch)


Songs and Excercises
Justin Guitar leads you with videos as a beginner through various ‘stages’ with exercises and songs for Acoustic Guitar (English)


Read classical guitar & notes
Here the first principles of note reading – Classical Guitar School Iceland 1018.pdf


Rhythm Guitar Lessons / Rhythm Guitar Lessons
Series of 12 guitar video lessons for acoustic guitar in English by Nate Savage. Power chords, Barre chords and Open chords and strum patterns
At the end of the video lesson you can click through to the next one. It starts quickly with barre chords which can be difficult for many beginners.