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My way of teaching guitar

Enjoy playing the guitar and making music
Your wishes are the focus of the lessons. If you enjoy the music you play with the guitar, you will progress faster. For both beginners and advanced players, the pleasure of making music is a priority in the guitar lessons.

What are you going to learn on the guitar lessons?
You play your favorite music and also work on technique and improvisation. In addition to a good guitar technique and enjoyable exercises, fun and enthusiasm for music are the most important. We can get started with your favorite guitar tracks or go more deeply into interpretation, theory, scales and improvising, percussion techniques, chords, etc.

Modern practice material
To support the guitar lessons you use TAB or sheet music. Also practice CDs, visual material (DVD, websites and YouTube) and apps which you can use at home. The guitar lesson can also be recorded on video so that you can take them home if you have any doubts.

The guitar methods we use

Structure in your guitar lesson
I use various guitar methods tailored to your wishes and musical taste. The lessons are built progressively and with a clearly tailored approach, so you’re guaranteed to play more freely and with more ease and pleasure.

Guitar teaching method for beginners
For beginning guitar students I have my own teaching method. It is composed of all kinds of sources and music styles, but most of all comes down to making music from the very first beginning. Everyone has a different taste of music. I choose the guitar songs and melodies that suit you as much as possible. Although I also like to make trips out of the comfort zone: someone who just wants to play pop sometimes have a piece of Bach. Or someone who just wants to play classical also give an inspiring Rock song.

Guitar teaching method for more advanced students
For the advanced guitarist I do not use a specific guitar teaching method, but I go looking for a method that best suits you and your wishes.

How do you make rapid progress with the guitar?
The best way to study guitar? Short, often and concentrated! Because of this you pick up your guitar again and you have more and more fun playing guitar!

What is covered in the guitar lessons?

The content of the guitar lessons is tailored to your interest and level, from beginner to advanced. Here are a few possibilities:

1) Reading tablature. TAB is widely used as a notation method on the internet.
2) Mastering the guitar techniques such as, solo play, arpeggios, tremolo, etc.
3) Accompanying yourself with the guitar and learning chords and percussion techniques.

4) Various guitar styles such as pop, blues, rock, finger-picking, classical and flamenco.
5) Playing along with existing and known guitar songs with chords and solo playing.
6) For singer-songwriters help with creating and writing your own songs.
7) Improvising.
8) Learning music sheet (if desired).
9) Preparation for the classical guitar entrance exam at the Conservatory.

Children and guitar lessons

Guitar lessons for children
From 8 to 9 years, most children can start guitar lessons. For the younger children, the lessons are mainly aimed at familiarizing with guitar playing. We do this by singing songs, guiding themselves and musical games. In this way they learn the basic skills on the guitar and have fun playing!

Positive effect!
No child is the same, that is why every guitar lesson is unique and the teaching material and the way of teaching is always individually tailored to the child. I think it’s important that the children are engaged in a playful way with musicality and technique on the guitar. With pleasure you learn better.
Research has shown that working on music at a young age stimulates the social and motor development of children. A positive influence has also been demonstrated on the development of creativity and the ability to concentrate.

Other information

Individual lessons
The guitar lessons are individual. See prices for more information.

What age?
All ages; my youngest guitar student is 7 years and the oldest 75 years!

Which guitar should I choose?
If you do not have a guitar yet or do not have a good idea what kind of guitar you would like to have, you can read more information about purchasing guitars at tips.

Should I be able to read notes or not?
To learn to play guitar it is not necessary to be able to read notes! For experienced and advanced classical guitarists or for those who want to understand more of the music theory, it is important to master the musical notation.

Where are the guitar lessons given?
The guitar lessons are given in the center of The Hague, near the central station. See under contact for a Google Maps ticket. If you follow video guitar lessons, you do this from your own home.

My experience as a guitar teacher?
Since 1990, besides my concert practice and private teaching practice, I have also given guitar lessons in music schools in Amsterdam, ‘De Nieuwe Muziekschool’ in Bussum, Leiden music school, music school Almere Stad, The Hague University, music schools in The Hague and surroundings and workshops in the Netherlands, Spain. and Morocco.

Would you like to follow a guitar trial lessons or have more information?
Send an e-mail, call +31640014531 or send a sms or app.

Questions? Send an e-mail!


Questions (and answers) concerning the decision to take guitar lessons

Have you been dreaming of learning how to play guitar for years, and still dreaming?
Do not postpone your dreams, start today!

Did you stop with guitar lessons due to lack of time? Do you think that playing guitar takes too much time?
The time you need to learn to play guitar depends entirely on your own situation. I have guitar students who only practice 5 minutes a day and progress well. I also have guitar students who only practice at the guitar lessons and enjoy guitar lessons and guitar playing. But I also have guitar students who practice 2 hours a day.
On average, guitar students practice 15 minutes a day and 4 to 5 days a week.

You never started guitar lessons because you think it’s too expensive?
Guitar lessons without guitar teacher often cost more time and sometimes money if you have to do everything yourself through books and online courses without direct personal guidance. Often you also get stuck in all the possibilities that are available. And there is also the danger that you learn all sorts of wrong technique and postures that are difficult to correct later on.
You can take as little or as much guitar lessons with me as you budget and time allows.

Am I not too old to learn the guitar?
You are never too old to start learning an instrument.